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From cōnsulō +‎ -ium. Compare cōnsidium.


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /konˈ, [kõːˈs̠ɪlʲiʊ̃ˑ]
  • (Ecclesiastical) IPA(key): /konˈ, [konˈsiːlium]
  • (file)


cōnsilium n (genitive cōnsiliī or cōnsilī); second declension

  1. plan, intention, design, purpose
    Synonyms: voluntās, intentiō, propositum, fīnis, animus, mēns
    capere consilium/ inire consiliumto take a resolution, to determine to perform a plan
  2. counsel, advice
    • 405 CE, Jerome, Vulgate Proverbs 8:12:
      ego sapientia habitō in cōnsiliō et ērudītīs intersum cōgitātiōnibus
      I, wisdom, dwell in counsel, and am present in learned thoughts. (Douay-Rheims trans., Challoner rev.; 1752 CE)
  3. determination, resolve, resolution
  4. council, advisory body
  5. judgment, wisdom
  6. measure (i.e., course of action)
  7. device, stratagem (esp. in battle)


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative cōnsilium cōnsilia
Genitive cōnsiliī
Dative cōnsiliō cōnsiliīs
Accusative cōnsilium cōnsilia
Ablative cōnsiliō cōnsiliīs
Vocative cōnsilium cōnsilia

1Found in older Latin (until the Augustan Age).

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    • to form a plan, make a resolution: consilium capere, inire (de aliqua re, with Gen. gerund., with Inf., more rarely ut)
    • to give up a project, an intention: consilio desistere
    • to let a plan fall through: consilium abicere or deponere
    • to be deterred from one's intention by something: a consilio deterreri aliqua re
    • to adopt half-measures: mediocribus consiliis uti
    • to alter one's views, intentions: consilium, sententiam mutare
    • to go one's own way, proceed independently: suo consilio uti
    • (1) to communicate one's plans to some one; (2) to make common cause with a person. Similarly c. causam, rationem: consilia cum aliquo communicare
    • to take common counsel: consilia inter se communicare
    • to consult a person, take his advice: aliquem in or ad consilium adhibere
    • to deliberate together (of a number of people): consilium habere (de aliqua re)
    • to be present at secret consultations: consiliis arcanis interesse (Liv. 35. 18)
    • to give a person advice: consilium dare alicui
    • to give a person the advantage of one's advice (and actual support): aliquem consilio (et re) iuvare
    • I put myself at your disposal as regards advice: consilii mei copiam facio tibi
    • to apply to a person for advice: consilium petere ab aliquo
    • to be perplexed: consilii inopem esse
    • advice is useless in this case; the situation is very embarrassing: omnia consilia frigent (Verr. 2. 25)
    • without reflection; inconsiderately; rashly: nullo consilio, nulla ratione, temere
    • I am undecided..: incertus sum, quid consilii capiam
    • to abide by one's resolution: propositum, consilium tenere (opp. a proposito deterreri)
    • to persevere in one's resolve: in proposito susceptoque consilio permanere
    • to have recourse to extreme measures: descendere ad extrema consilia (Fam. 10. 33. 4)
    • my intention is..: consilium est c. Inf. or ut
    • with the intention of..: eo consilio, ea mente, ut
    • to make virtue the standard in every thought and act: omnia consilia et facta ad virtutem referre (Phil. 10. 10. 20)
    • to act reasonably, judiciously: prudenter, considerate, consilio agere (opp. temere, nullo consilio, nulla ratione)
    • thought and deed: consilia et facta (cf. sect. X. 1, note For 'thoughts and deeds'...)
    • statesmen: auctores consilii publici
    • a man's policy is aiming at, directed towards..: alicuius in re publica or capessendae rei publicae consilia eo spectant, ut...
    • a political ally: consiliorum in re publica socius
    • the council of the nation; the senate: publicum consilium (Phil. 7.7. 19)
    • to hold a council of war: consilium habere, convocare
    • to refer a matter to a council of war: rem ad consilium deferre
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