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From Old French consolacion (French consolation), from Latin cōnsōlātiō, from the deponent verb cōnsōlor (“I console, encourage”) with the -tiō suffix, while cōnsōlor comprises the intensifying prefix con- with the deponent verb sōlor (“I comfort, console”). Doublet of consolatio.



consolation (countable and uncountable, plural consolations)

  1. The act of consoling.
    • 1543 June 8, Henry VIII of England, “The Nynthe Article. The Holy Catholike Churche.”, in A Necessary Doctrine and Erudicion for Any Chrysten Man, Set furth by the Kynges Maiestye of Englande, &c., imprinted at London:  [] by Thomas Berthelet, [], OCLC 1126428435:
      Moreouer the perfit beleue of this article, worketh in all true chriſten people, aloue to continue in this vnitie, and afeare to be caſte out of the ſame, and it worketh in them that be ſinners and repentant, great comforte, and conſolacion, to obteine remiſſion of ſinne, by vertue of Chriſtes paſſion, and adminiſtracion of his ſacramentes at the miniſters handes, ordained for that purpoſe, [...]
  2. The prize or benefit for the loser.
  3. (sports) A consolation goal.


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consolation f (plural consolations)

  1. consolation