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Blend of copy +‎ paste +‎ -a; the -a from non-rhotic -er.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈkɒp.iˌpeɪ.stə/, /ˈkɒp.iˌpɑː.stə/, /ˈkɒp.iˌpæs.tə/


copypasta (countable and uncountable, plural copypastas)

  1. (Internet slang) A block of text which has been copied and pasted from somewhere else. [from 2006]
    • 2006 February 2, Anonymous, “GIKOPE COPYPASTA AND AA ARCHIEVE:”, in 4chan[1], retrieved 2013-09-10:
      Gikope is a really useful program for keeping up with AA and copypasta. I've rapidshared my own achieve, which includes 1000s of AAs and a large collection of copypasta.
    • 2006 June 7, Anonymous Addict, “4chan is broken again”, in Channel 4 BBS[2], retrieved 2013-09-10:
      Our Father, who art in 4chan, Anonymous be thy name. Thy sage come, thy will be done on Gaia as it is in 4chan. Give us this day our copypasta, And forgive us our COMBO BREAKERs, as we forgive those who COMBO BREAK against us And lead us not into CP, but deliver us from Piro. For thine is the sandwich, and the win, and the awesome forever and ever. I guarantee it.
    • 2008 January 6, Cory Albrecht, “Re: A treatise on how one willfully becomes an atheist”, in, Usenet[3]:
      On the other paw, his further responses are generally rehashings (though not copypastas) of his original screed.
    • 2009 March 4, Quaoar, “Re: ARS is dead. Long live the trolls!”, in alt.religion.scientology, Usenet[4]:
      Almost everything posted on ARS [alt.religion.scientology] is copypasta from the original posted sources, i.e., web forums.
    • 2009 April 27, R. Hill, “St. Petersburg Times' _Man behind the religion_ 'copypasta' serves David Miscavige's agenda”, in alt.religion.scientology, Usenet[5]:
      It's essentially a (sort of) copypasta of *only the first page* of an article published in the St. Petersburg Times []
    • 2010 November 12, “Bored at Work? Try Creepypasta, or Web Scares”, in The New York Times[6]:
      Mike Rugnetta [] explained that creepypasta derives from a term called "copypasta," which described any piece of text that was endlessly "copy-pasted" across the Internet.
  2. (Internet slang) An error in a software application caused by the copying and pasting of erroneous code. (Can we add an example for this sense?)


Derived terms


copypasta (third-person singular simple present copypastas, present participle copypastaing, simple past and past participle copypastaed)

  1. (Internet slang, uncommon) To copy and paste data from one website to another, usually text.
    • 2008 March 3, Rudy Canoza, “Re: Meat is a prominent part of chimpanzee diet; pre-human hominids ate meat for 2.25 million years (biologically adapted to meat)”, in, Usenet[7]:
      You didn't read the paper. You dully copypastaed the abstract. The abstract is not the paper.
    • 2009 September 7, Voltaire's Child, “Re: Assuming it is all true..”, in alt.religion.scientology, Usenet[8]:
      He probably meant what Bob Minton used to talk about in the post he used to copypasta and repost all the time []


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