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co- +‎ union


counion (plural counions)

  1. (mathematics) The join or union of all sets that meet a specified condition.
    • 1986, Yves Diers, Categories of Boolean sheaves of simple algebras:
      the left adjoint [] preserves direct factors, their cointersections, their complements and thus their counions
  2. (used attributively) Others in a trade union.
    • 1977, McKee Fisk, Norbert J. Mietus, Applied Business Law:
      After weeks of fruitless negotiations, Bollinger and his counion members went out on strike, demanding a pay boost.
  3. (Christianity) Communion.
    • 2015, Rhonda Ambrose, Beyond the Door, →ISBN:
      Counion with Him is His desire, not a robotic family who is programmed or shows up out of duty or obligation.
  4. The act or result of joining or merging; union.
    • 2001, Hans-Dirk van Hoogstraten, Deep Economy: Caring for Ecology, Humanity and Religion, →ISBN, page 62:
      Yet this crucial break did not become an environmental threat until the counion of science and technology in the nineteenth century.