coup de foudre

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Borrowed from French coup de foudre (lightning strike).


coup de foudre (plural coups de foudre)

  1. A sudden unexpected event, especially an emotional one; love at first sight.
    • 2007, Edwin Mullins, The Popes of Avignon, Blue Bridge 2008, p. 84:
      The encounter with Laura that Good Friday was a coup de foudre, and for the rest of his life he was to adore her, mostly from afar.




coup de foudre m (plural coups de foudre)

  1. lightning strike, thunderbolt
  2. (idiomatic) bolt from the blue; love at first sight
    Quand j’ai fait la connaissance d’Henri, ç’a été le coup de foudre ! - When I met Henri, it was love at first sight!

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