court card

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Unlike the numbered cards, these represent people of the kind that might be found at a royal court.


court card (plural court cards)

  1. (card games) A king, queen, or jack/knave card in a standard deck of playing cards.
    • 1999: Simon Blackburn, Think: A compelling introduction to philosophy, chapter 6: Reasoning, section 5: Plausible Reasonings, page 212 (Oxford University Press, paperback, →ISBN
      There are fifty-two outcomes possible when we turn up a card, and if we do it from a freshly and fairly shuffled pack, each possibility has an equal chance. Probabilistic reasoning can then go forward: we can solve, for instance, for whether most draws of seven cards involve two court cards, or whatever.
  2. (chiefly Britain, historical, deltiology) A postcard measuring approximately 4·75 × 3·5″, in use mainly in the United Kingdom circa 1894–1902.