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Alternative forms[edit]


crash pad (plural crash pads)

  1. Any place used for temporary lodging, especially without payment or permission.
  2. (aviation) In the aviation industry, a place of temporary lodging for airline flight crews.
  3. (climbing) A protective foam pad placed on the ground, used as protection in case of falling from the wall.
  4. (historical) A room where one can crash after a bad acid trip.
    • 1969, American journal of psychiatry - Volume 125, Issue 4, page 154:
      They may then go to a hippie clinic crash pad to be "talked down."
    • 1973, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Special Studies Subcommittee, Evaluating the Federal effort to control drug abuse:
      Ideally, he could be referred to a nearby "crash pad" where a peer "guide" that he should have taken with him on his trip to begin with could bring him back to sanity in a safe, but nonmedical environment.
    • 1979, Jay Strack, Drugs and drinking: what every teen and parent should know, →ISBN, page 49:
      Because of the fear of a bad trip (a bummer), many LSD users will not take the drug except in controlled settings or in a crash pad.
    • 1982, Michael Starks, Cocaine Fiends and Reefer Madness:
      One lovely scene in his bachelor apartment-turned-crash-pad is dominated by a 300-pound man having a bad trip on LSD, amid countless other frenzied happenings.


(climbing): crashmat, bouldering mat

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