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creation +‎ -ism


  • IPA(key): /kɹiˈeɪʃənɪzəm/
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creationism (usually uncountable, plural creationisms)

  1. (theology) The Abrahamic doctrine that each individual human soul is created by God, as opposed to traducianism.
    • 1848, Robert Wilberforce, The Doctrine of the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, in its relation to Mankind and to the Church:
      the preservation of the race of man is made to grow out of that quickening impulse, which we call the life of humanity. This notion, which was called Traducianism by the schoolmen (the system opposed to it being termed Creatianism [sic])
  2. Any creationary belief, especially a belief that the origin of things is due to an event or process of creation brought about by the deliberate act of any divine agency, such as a Creator God.
  3. The belief that a deity created the world, especially as described in a particular religious text, such as the Quran or the Book of Genesis.
    • 2008, Thomas Dixon, Science and Religion: A Very Short Introduction, link:
    • 1880, Asa Gray, Natural science and religion, 2 lectures, page 89:
      It must be reasonably clear to all who have taken pains to understand the matter that the true issue as regards design is not between Darwinism and direct Creationism, but between design and fortuity, between any intention or intellectual cause and no intention nor predicable first cause.



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