dan buoy

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Uncertain. One theory is that the term comes from "danger buoy".[1]



dan buoy (plural dan buoys)

  1. (nautical) A small buoy, sometimes made of cork with a small flag, used to temporarily mark a position at sea, normally to mark a fishing ground, a minesweeping area, or a man overboard.
    • 1970 [1938], Great Britain. Hydrographic Department, chapter 1, in Admiralty Manual of Hydrographic Surveying[1], volume 2, United Kingdom: Hydrographer of the Navy, Dan Buoys (section 18), page 19:
      A dan buoy is usually laid from aft, the anchor and sinker being hung outboard through an after fairlead and the dan buoy hung from a tripping hook on a whip from the minesweeping davit, the mooring being led outboard.