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From Japanese 出汁 ‎(dashi, essence, dashi soup) (hiragana だし), from noun form of 出す ‎(dasu, to draw, to extract).


dashi ‎(countable and uncountable, plural dashis)

  1. A type of soup or cooking stock, often made from kelp.
    • 2000 September, Vegetarian Times, page 28,
      Kombu (KOHM-boo): This Japanese seaweed is used to make dashi, an Asian soup stock, and to flavor rice and stews.
    • 2002, John Frederick Ashburne, Yoshi Abe, World Food: Japan, Lonely Planet, page 41,
      A great dashi (stock) is essential, as it is the crucial element in soups, dipping sauces, nimono (simmered dishes) and nabemono (hotpot dishes), and for cooking fish and vegetables.
    • 2007, Lee Geok Boi, Classic Asian Noodles, page 38,
      Dashi is the basic soup stock for many Japanese dishes including noodle soups.