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dis- +‎ associate


  • (UK) IPA(key): /dɪsəˈsəʊʃieɪt/ or /dɪsəˈsəʊsieɪt/



disassociate (third-person singular simple present disassociates, present participle disassociating, simple past and past participle disassociated)

  1. To separate (oneself); to dissolve one's association with a person, group, or situation.
    Coordinate term: disestablish
    After the scandal, the political party disassociated itself from the questionable candidate.
    If the whole membership disassociates, the result will be disestablishment.
  2. (transitive) To separate into smaller discrete units, as with analysis.
    The problem is easier to understand if you disassociate the variables.
    Coordinate term: granularize
  3. (intransitive, of linked components) To separate; to disunite; to disintegrate; to dissolve.
    The fibers of this nonwoven textile disassociated when I tried to wash it.
  4. (proscribed) Alternative form of dissociate



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