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dis- +‎ embody


disembody (third-person singular simple present disembodies, present participle disembodying, simple past and past participle disembodied)

  1. To cause someone's soul, spirit, consciousness, voice, etc, to become separated from the physical body.
  2. To separate (a part of the body) from the body.
    • 1982, William Buchan, John Buchan: a memoir, page 109:
      "[he] wore the high, stiff collars which were the fashion of the day: in pictures these tend to disembody his head, making him look constrained, uncomfortable, yet they remained his choice."
    • 2015, Marlys Millhiser, Nightmare Country, →ISBN:
      Jerusha turned, a flush on her cheeks that wasn't makeup, a swath of steam from the vaporizer swirling around her chest, disembodying her head.
  3. To discharge from military service or array.

Derived terms[edit]