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Etymology 1[edit]

In Scots, "dookie", "doukit", and "douker" (terms related to the British English "duck", equivalent to the American English "dunk") have all been used to refer to Baptists. Hence a dookie in Scots is, jocularly, someone who ducks or dunks people in water when baptising them.


dookie (plural dookies)

  1. (Britain) Baptist
    • 1895 Dictionary of the Scots Language [1]
  2. (Scotland) swimming costume, bathing suit

Etymology 2[edit]

Probably alteration of doo-doo, baby-talk reduplication of do, later repopularized by the 1994 Green Day album Dookie.


dookie (uncountable)

  1. (US, slang, African American Vernacular) feces
    • 2002 – Ashaki Boelter: Hate Begets Hate [2] (page 69)
      "He stepped in some cow waste; it serves him right. Look at him dancing to get that dookie off those ruined sneakers! Ha-ha-ha! Get down homie!"
    • 2002 – Jarrett Oliver: Private Eyes [3] (page 125)
      "That stuff won't be worth a lump of dookie in court. It wouldn't be at all hard for Geale to pull a few strings and get documented permission for having each one of those items."
    • 2005 – Ashaki Boelter: In the Name of Love!: All-4-Love Series 2 of 3 [4] (Reckless Review)
      So Alley found a job
      Scooping up dookie on the streets
    • 2000The Simpsons episode "Little Big Mom"
      Bart: Can I go to the bathroom?
      Otto: Uh-uh! Say it in snowboard lingo.
      Bart: Uh... I've gotta blast a dookie?
      Otto: Dook on!


dookie (not comparable)

  1. (US, slang, African American Vernacular) (derivation from earlier and more common use of noun) describing gold jewelry which is thick in circumference (often to excessiveness), reminiscent of the thickness of feces
    • 2000Ugly Ducking song "Exclusive Snipps": "[Young] Einstein got a dookie gold rope"