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Etymology 1[edit]

In Scots, "dookie", "doukit", and "douker" (terms related to the British English "duck", equivalent to the American English "dunk") have all been used to refer to Baptists. Hence a dookie in Scots is, jocularly, someone who ducks or dunks people in water when baptising them.


dookie ‎(plural dookies)

  1. (Britain) Baptist
    • 1895 Dictionary of the Scots Language [1]

Etymology 2[edit]

In the US, probably alteration of doo-doo, baby-talk reduplication of do, later popularized by the band Green Day on their highly successful 1994 studio album.


dookie ‎(uncountable)

  1. (US, slang, African American Vernacular) feces
    • 2002 – Ashaki Boelter: Hate Begets Hate [2] (page 69)
      "He stepped in some cow waste; it serves him right. Look at him dancing to get that dookie off those ruined sneakers! Ha-ha-ha! Get down homie!"
    • 2002 – Jarrett Oliver: Private Eyes [3] (page 125)
      "That stuff won't be worth a lump of dookie in court. It wouldn't be at all hard for Geale to pull a few strings and get documented permission for having each one of those items."
    • 2005 – Ashaki Boelter: In the Name of Love!: All-4-Love Series 2 of 3 [4] (Reckless Review)
      So Alley found a job
      Scooping up dookie on the streets
    • 2000The Simpsons episode "Little Big Mom"
      Bart: Can I go to the bathroom?
      Otto: Uh-uh! Say it in snowboard lingo.
      Bart: Uh... I've gotta blast a dookie?
      Otto: Dook on!