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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *aldaz (grown-up) (corresponding to Latin altus), each from Proto-Indo-European *altós, *h₂eltós, a suffixed form of *al- (grow, nourish), *h₂el-. Cognate with Old Frisian ald (West Frisian âld), Old Saxon ald (Low German old), Dutch oud, Old High German alt (German alt). Compare also Ancient Greek ἄναλτος (ánaltos).


  • IPA(key): /æɑ̯ld/, [æɑ̯ɫd]


eald (comparative ieldra, superlative ieldest)

  1. old
    eald eart þū?
    How old are you?
    Þās sċōs sind ealde and forwerede.
    These shoes are old and worn out.
  2. ancient


Weak Strong
case singular plural case singular plural
m n f m n f m n f
nominative ealda ealde ealde ealdan nom. eald ealde eald ealda, -e
accusative ealdan ealde ealdan acc. ealdne eald ealde ealde eald ealda, -e
genitive ealdan ealdra, ealdena gen. ealdes ealdes ealdre ealdra
dative ealdan ealdum dat. ealdum ealdum ealdre ealdum
instrumental ealde

Derived terms[edit]