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Blend of educator +‎ bureaucrat



educrat (plural educrats)

  1. (derogatory) An official or administrator in a school district or government body.
    • 2020, Adriana LaGrange, Refusing to spend adequate money to protect Alberta kids during a pandemic:
      This is a great example of an educrat, getting in the way of what's right to push a failed political ideology.
    • 2000, Laura Ingraham, The Hillary trap: looking for power in all the wrong places:
      It has everything to do with the educrat industry whose grip on our children Hillary is helping to maintain.
    • 2002, Marsh Kaminsky, Onie:
      Many educrats make much of their income and build their reputations trying to fix the problems they themselves created with their dopey educational methodologies.
    • 2003, G Gordon Liddy, When I Was a Kid, This Was a Free Country:
      As a result of the misguided educrats, college students across the country now spend much of the first two years in remedial classes []

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