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From Ancient Greek ἔλεγχος (élenkhos, refutation, scrutiny, control). Doublet of elench.



elenchus (plural elenchi)

  1. (rhetoric) A technique of argument associated with Socrates wherein the arguer asks the interlocutor to agree with a series of premises and conclusions, ending with the arguer's intended point.
    • 1991, Thomas c. Brickhouse; Nicholas D. Smith, “Socrates’ Elenctic Mission”, in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, volume IX, Oxford University Press, →ISBN, pages 131–132:
      The elenchus begins when an interlocutor makes some moral claim that Socrates wishes to examine. The argument then proceeds from premisses that express certain of the interlocutor’s other beliefs to a conclusion that contradicts the original moral claim under scrutiny.


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From Ancient Greek ἔλεγχος (élenkhos, refutation, scrutiny), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁lengʰ- (to accuse, to scold).



elenchus m (genitive elenchī); second declension

  1. costly trinket (especially an earring)
  2. refutation
  3. (Late Latin, Medieval Latin) list
    • Elenchus tamen Sanctorum necnon Beatorum in MartyrologioThe list however of Saints and Blesseds in the Martyrology


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative elenchus elenchī
Genitive elenchī elenchōrum
Dative elenchō elenchīs
Accusative elenchum elenchōs
Ablative elenchō elenchīs
Vocative elenche elenchī


  • Catalan: elenc
  • Italian: elenco
  • Portuguese: elenco
  • Romanian: elencos, elenchus
  • Spanish: elenco


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