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From Ancient Greek ἐλλειπτικός (elleiptikós), from ἐλλείπω (elleípō, I leave out, omit).

Elliptic leaf form.


elliptic (not comparable)

  1. (geometry) Of or pertaining to an ellipse.
    • 1995, Patrick J. Roache, Elliptic Marching Methods and Domain Decomposition, page 1,
      In this chapter, the history of solving elliptic problems by direct marching methods is reviewed.
  2. (mathematics) Of or pertaining to a broad field of mathematics that originates from the problem of calculating arc lengths of an ellipse.
  3. (mathematics, in combination, of certain functions, equations and operators) That has coefficients satisfying a condition analogous to the condition for the general equation for a conic section to be of an ellipse.
  4. (botany, of leaves) Oval, with a short or no point.


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