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elpa f (4th declension)

  1. breath, breathing (the air that is breathed in or out, or the act of breathing itself)
    aizturēt elpu‎ ― to hold one's breath
    atgūt elpu‎ ― to recover one's breath
    vilkt, ievilkt, atvilkt elpu‎ ― to draw breath
    redzēt elpu‎ ― to see one's breath (when it is cold)
    elpas trukums‎ ― shortness of breath
    būt bez elpas‎ ― to be out of breath, breathless
  2. slow, subtle air movement or puff of air, especially one that transmits smells or aromas
    rožu, ziedu elpa‎ ― the breath (= aroma) of flowers, roses
    zemes, tīrumu, ūdeņu elpa‎ ― land, field, water breath (= air, smell)
    gaisā jūtama pavasara elpa‎ ― one could feel the breath (= aroma) of spring in the air
  3. that which subtly characterises; atmosphere, ambiance, spirit
    laikmeta elpa‎ ― the atmosphere, spirit of an era



Derived terms[edit]