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From erythro- +‎ -phobia.


erythrophobia (uncountable)

  1. abnormal and persistent fear of blushing
    • 2013, Mabel Dawn Van Niekerk - Erythrophobia, The Blushing Phobia - Erythrophobia[1]:
      Erythophobia is no laughing matter if you are a sufferer of this phobia. It could tend to make the sufferer anti-social as it is a very real and serious concern that excessive blushing could occur at any moment.
  2. Abnormal and persistent fear of the colour red.
    • 1908, William A. White, “Mental Dissociation in Psychic Epilepsy”, in Boris Sidis, editor, Psychopathological Researches: Studies in Mental Dissociation[2], pages 150 and 154:
      As they passed through the upper hall J. noticed that the carpet was red. This immediately brought back to her mind the recollection of the suicide and produced a peculiar feeling of fear,—erythrophobia,—which was immediately followed by pain in the back of her head...
      The erythrophobia and the suicidal obsession, which did not yield to the influence of hypnotic suggestion, entirely disappeared and sank at once into the background.
    • 1915, Dr. Shepherd Ivory Franz, Popular Science Monthly[3], page 88:
      This woman exhibited erythrophobia, i. e., fear of red, and at the same time she believed that she was responsible for or had actually caused the death of her mother.
    • 1988, Jacqueline Martin, Bryarly[4], page 276:
      Red Coats. Red Cat. And she had erythrophobia...morbid fear of the color red...ailurophobia...morbid fear of cats.
    • 1999 June 11, Nice But Naughty Boy Craves OTK w/SWF, “Has ANYONE had success meeting others on a.p.s.?”, in alt.personals.spanking, Usenet[5], retrieved 2015-05-05:
      Or, maybe it's erythrophobia, which no real spanker/spankee should have. (For those who are logophobic, erythrophobia is an abnormal fear of the color red. Not one of my problems! :)
    • 2007, Lonely Planet, The Netherlands[6], page 21:
      With over 250 coffeeshops (p129), the capital offers ample opportunity to partake in a spliff or two, and no one, but no one (unless they suffer from erythrophobia) should miss a stroll through Amsterdam’s legendary Red Light District (p85).
    • 2012, Xanna Eve Chown, The Slender-Fingered Cats of Bubastis[7]:
      ‘As in xenophobia?’ said Jack. ‘Or erythrophobia? I know some people really hate my red eyes.’