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ever +‎ loving


everloving (comparative more everloving, superlative most everloving)

  1. which loves unceasingly or unconditionally
    I am, as always, your everloving servant.
    Above all else, focus the gaze of your heart on the ever-living, everloving, everlasting Christ Himself - J. Sidlow Baxter, 1994
  2. Of or relating to one who is everloving (1), or to everlasting love
    Under his everloving guidance and inspiration a number of humanitarian activities were initiated at Poona - Swami Jyotirmayananda, 1986
    We have lost an understanding of our one common vocation: to grow into an everloving relationship with God and thereby with our true selves,..." - John Westerhoff, 2000
  3. which is loved unceasingly
    My everloving vodka's tucked away in my backpack, and maybe Cherry'll bring some weed and I can do all kinds of messing around. - Martha O'Connor, 2005
    ...while her hands slid down to envelop his bulbous underpart, massaging the warm, moist, flaccid skin nested there with those everloving golden curls,... - Pamela Beck and Patti Massman, 1988
    There was days I'd walk by him in his chair in front of his everloving TV set and I'd think, ‘Well, now, what if Harland was to die on me?' - Barbara Kingsolver, 1999
  4. (slang) Generic intensifier.
    What the everloving fuck?!
    Holy everloving shit!
    You're out of your everloving mind!
    The fact is, Albert Grubb had an everloving, gut-twisting need to go home. - Joseph Wambaugh, 1983
    Well, what everloving else was there to do in this hellhole? - Albert Grey, 1989


everloving (plural everlovings)

  1. one who is unceasingly loved by another
    I kissed her, a little more than dutifully, as a man will kiss his everloving after a couple of nights of absence. - Author unknown, 1938
    You're an everloving. - Will Greene, date unknown, →ISBN
    hastily swung towards the curb, halted by the shop the everloving indicated. - Author unknown, 1925
    ...register to the fact that his everloving has taken a walkout powder." - Ann Head, 1967


everloving (comparative more everloving, superlative most everloving)

  1. (slang) Generic intensifier.
    Didn't have time yesterday, you run off so everloving early. - Rilla Askew, 1997