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extractor (plural extractors)

  1. Any of various mechanical devices that extract a component from others.
    1. A machine for clearing combs of honey.
    2. A device for rendering wax.
  2. (chemistry) An apparatus that uses a solvent to remove soluble substances from a mixture.
  3. A centrifugal drying machine.
  4. (in a gun) A part of the bolt that removes a cartridge from the chamber.
  5. (graph theory) A particular kind of bipartite graph.
  6. A function which, being applied to output from a weakly random entropy source, together with a short, uniformly random seed, generates a highly random output that appears independent from the source and uniformly distributed.

Derived terms[edit]



extractor (feminine singular extractora, masculine plural extractores, feminine plural extractoras)

  1. extracting