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From New Latin extrāversio, from Classical Latin extrā- (outside) + versio (a turning). Equivalent to extravert +‎ -sion. Popularized as a psychological term by the German works of Carl Jung.


extraversion (countable and uncountable, plural extraversions)

  1. Alternative spelling of extroversion
    • 1675, Robert Boyle, "Of the Imperfection of the Chymist's Doctrine of Qualities", The Mechanical Origine or Production of Corrosiveness and Corrosibility, p. 36:
      ...the supposed Extraversion or Intraversion of Sulphur...
    • 1915, Carl Jung, "On Psychological Understanding", Journal of Abnormal Psychology, No. 9, p. 396:
      I called the hysterical type the extraversion type and the psychasthénic type the introversion type.
Usage notes[edit]

Technical papers in psychology still prefer the variant extraversion used by Carl Jung, although the spelling extroversion is more common in general use.

Derived terms[edit]




extraversion f (plural extraversions)

  1. extroversion