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From archaic fagylal +‎ -t (past-participle suffix).


  • IPA(key): [ˈfɒɟlɒlt]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: fagy‧lalt
  • Rhymes: -ɒlt



  1. (now rare) third-person singular indicative past indefinite of fagylal



  1. (now rare) past participle of fagylal


The accusative with -at occurs only in the past participle sense,[1][2] which is definitely archaic today.

Inflection (stem in -a-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative fagylalt fagylaltak
accusative fagylaltat fagylaltakat
dative fagylaltnak fagylaltaknak
instrumental fagylalttal fagylaltakkal
causal-final fagylaltért fagylaltakért
translative fagylalttá fagylaltakká
terminative fagylaltig fagylaltakig
essive-formal fagylaltként fagylaltakként
inessive fagylaltban fagylaltakban
superessive fagylalton fagylaltakon
adessive fagylaltnál fagylaltaknál
illative fagylaltba fagylaltakba
sublative fagylaltra fagylaltakra
allative fagylalthoz fagylaltakhoz
elative fagylaltból fagylaltakból
delative fagylaltról fagylaltakról
ablative fagylalttól fagylaltaktól
possessive - singular
fagylalté fagylaltaké
possessive - plural
fagylaltéi fagylaltakéi



fagylalt (plural fagylaltok)

  1. ice cream (sold by scoops or from a dispenser)
    Coordinate term: (see the Usage notes below) jégkrém

Usage notes[edit]

Though both fagylalt and jégkrém may be rendered in English as ice cream, they are different: Fagylalt is served either by scoops or other portions from a dispenser, usually in a cone, sometimes in a cup or bowl. It is a product of the catering industry, hence produced at the point of sale and is not packaged. It may be created not only from dairy products and fruits, with additives, but also from premixed ice-cream powder (with the exception of artisanal ice cream). What they have in common is a special freezing process that gives the product its characteristic consistency. On the other hand, jégkrém (pre-packaged ice cream, usually on a stick, such as a popsicle) is an industrial product: it is produced in factories and then packaged for delivery to consumers. They may be whether milk-based or water-based.[1]


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative fagylalt fagylaltok
accusative fagylaltot fagylaltokat
dative fagylaltnak fagylaltoknak
instrumental fagylalttal fagylaltokkal
causal-final fagylaltért fagylaltokért
translative fagylalttá fagylaltokká
terminative fagylaltig fagylaltokig
essive-formal fagylaltként fagylaltokként
inessive fagylaltban fagylaltokban
superessive fagylalton fagylaltokon
adessive fagylaltnál fagylaltoknál
illative fagylaltba fagylaltokba
sublative fagylaltra fagylaltokra
allative fagylalthoz fagylaltokhoz
elative fagylaltból fagylaltokból
delative fagylaltról fagylaltokról
ablative fagylalttól fagylaltoktól
possessive - singular
fagylalté fagylaltoké
possessive - plural
fagylaltéi fagylaltokéi
Possessive forms of fagylalt
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. fagylaltom fagylaltjaim
2nd person sing. fagylaltod fagylaltjaid
3rd person sing. fagylaltja fagylaltjai
1st person plural fagylaltunk fagylaltjaink
2nd person plural fagylaltotok fagylaltjaitok
3rd person plural fagylaltjuk fagylaltjaik

Derived terms[edit]

Compound words

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Further reading[edit]

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