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Corresponding to false +‎ -ity. From Middle French fausseté, from Late Latin falsitas.


falsity ‎(plural falsities)

  1. (countable) Something that is false; an untrue assertion.
    The belief that the world is flat is a falsity.
  2. (uncountable) The characteristic of being untrue.
    The falsity of that statement is easily proven.

Usage notes[edit]

Instances may be quoted in abundance from old authors to show that the first three words are often strictly synonymous; but the modern tendency has been decidedly in favor of separating them, falsehood standing for the concrete thing, an intentional lie; falseness, for the quality of being guiltily false or treacherous: as, he is justly despised for his falseness to his oath; and falsity, for the quality of being false without blame: as, the falsity of reasoning. — the Century Dictionary, 1911.





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