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Alternative forms[edit]

  • fistūca (ram, piledriver), historically sometimes considered a separate word


Perhaps connected to ferula, with a common earlier stem *fes-. De Vaan notes if suffixation is with +‎ -ūcus as in several plant names: sambūcus (elderberry), albūcus (asphodel; asphodel bulb), lactūca (lettuce), the stem could be *festo. Gaffiot numbers the sense of ram, piledriver, usually spelt fistūca, a separate word, but it is offered as an alternate spelling in De Vaan.


festūca f (genitive festūcae); first declension

  1. straw
  2. stalk, stem
  3. rod used to touch slaves in ceremonial manumission
  4. ram, piledriver (often spelt fistūca in this sense)


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative festūca festūcae
genitive festūcae festūcārum
dative festūcae festūcīs
accusative festūcam festūcās
ablative festūcā festūcīs
vocative festūca festūcae



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