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Part or all of this entry has been imported from the 1913 edition of Webster’s Dictionary, which is now free of copyright and hence in the public domain. The imported definitions may be significantly out of date, and any more recent senses may be completely missing.
(See the entry for firestone in
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.)


fire +‎ stone


firestone (countable and uncountable, plural firestones)

  1. Iron pyrites, formerly used for striking fire.
  2. A flint.
  3. A stone which will bear the heat of a furnace without injury; especially applied to the sandstone at the top of the upper greensand in the south of England, used for lining kilns and furnaces.
    • 1961 February, D. Bertram, “The lines to Wetherby and their traffic”, in Trains Illustrated, page 101:
      On the descent the line is often in cuttings; some are high, such as at Scarcroft, where a cut through firestone and fireclay was necessary, and near Bardsey, where the line threads a deep tree-lined gorge.