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Borrowed from Latin flumen (river). Doublet of flume.


flumen (plural flumina)

  1. (astronomy, geology) In planetary geology, any of the river-like features on Saturn's moon Titan.



From fluō (I flow) +‎ -men (noun-forming suffix).



flūmen n (genitive flūminis); third declension

  1. river
    Synonym: fluvius


Third-declension noun (neuter, imparisyllabic non-i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative flūmen flūmina
Genitive flūminis flūminum
Dative flūminī flūminibus
Accusative flūmen flūmina
Ablative flūmine flūminibus
Vocative flūmen flūmina

Derived terms[edit]

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    • to draw off water from a river: aquam ex flumine derivare
    • the rivers flows with a rapid current: flumen citatum fertur
    • a river swollen by the rain: flumen imbribus auctum
    • the river is over its banks, is in flood: flumen super ripas effunditur
    • the river is over its banks, is in flood: flumen extra ripas diffluit
    • the river floods the fields: flumen agros inundat
    • to wade across, to ford a river: flumen vado transire
    • with the stream; downstream: flumine secundo
    • against the stream; upstream: flumine adverso
    • flow of oratory: flumen orationis (De Or. 2. 15. 62)
    • senseless rant: inanium verborum flumen
    • to build a bridge over a river: pontem facere in flumine
    • to build a bridge over a river: flumen ponte iungere
    • there is a bridge over the river: pons est in flumine