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frost +‎ -ed


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frosted (comparative more frosted, superlative most frosted)

  1. Covered in frost; frosty.
    Eiswein is made from frosted grapes.
  2. Appearing to be covered in frost.
    She installed frosted windows, since there was a clear view of her bathroom from her neighbor's bedroom.
  3. Damaged by frost.
    Frosted fruit will be unsalable.
  4. (slang) Extremely intoxicated.
    I was so frosted after drinking that 12-pack.



frosted (plural frosteds)

  1. A kind of milkshake made with ice cream.
    • 1947, Geoffrey Hellman, How to Disappear for an Hour, page 266:
      Except for those times when I am drugging myself with movies, vanilla frosteds, the latest novel, or cremes de nepenthe, it is difficult for me to avoid the bothersome thought []
    • 1957, Dorothy Erskine, Patrick Dennis, The Pink Hotel (page 49)
      They had continued to laugh at the milk bar, tasting in the chocolate frosteds the unlikely flavor of Mr. Mather's turpitude.
    • 1970, CSA Super Markets (volume 46, page 106)
      Opening with standard flavors and moving quickly to grape, raspberry, blueberry, cinnamon, apple and the frosteds, the variety is putting many chains in a one-out-for-every-one-in frame of mind.