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Alternative forms[edit]


fur +‎ baby


furbaby (plural furbabies)

  1. (informal, endearing) A furry pet considered a child by a human.
    • 2007, Barbara Karmazin, Night Moves[1], Loose Id, published 2007, →ISBN:
      Mrs. Jackson still kept doggie biscuits in her pockets, even though her furbaby had died two months ago.
    • 2012, Marion Arnott, “Another One in from the Cold”, in Marie O'Regan, editor, The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women[2], Constable & Robinson, →ISBN:
      As I took the satiny-furred cat into my arms, his purring ratcheted up a couple of notches. Brian stood looking at the two of us, grinning, then said of the malnourished creature, “I guess we have a furbaby!”
    • 2015, Kallypso Masters, Nobody's Dream[3], →ISBN:
      He looked down at the puppy fast asleep in his arms. Maybe this furbaby would slow down the ticking of her biological clock, too.