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The "Game Over" screen from Torus Trooper.



game over

  1. (video games) A message signaling that the game has ended, usually because the player failed (for example by losing all of their lives) but sometimes following successful completion of the game.
    • 1984, Robert Maxxe, Arcade:
      Before I could figure out what the hell was the object of the game, I hear the thing go boom-boom, and the screen lights up with a sign: game over.
  2. (by extension) The end of some ongoing situation due to either failure or success.
    If your wife finds out about us, it's game over!
    • 2004, Ryan Russell, Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent, page xxi:
      Once we started attacking that network from the inside, it was pretty much game over.

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game over (plural game overs)

  1. (video games) An appearance of a game over message.
    When you die too many times in this game, you get a game over.


game over (third-person singular simple present game overs, present participle game overing, simple past and past participle game overed)

  1. (video games, rare) To receive a game over message.

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