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get around

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see get,‎ around.
  2. To move to the other side of an obstruction.
    It might be a while before we can get around from this traffic jam.
    There's no trail going through. We can't get around to the lake.
  3. To come around something.
    Cross at the rocks when you get around the bend.
  4. To avoid or bypass an obstacle.
    I'll show you the stash if we can get around the guards.
    Tax consultants look for ways to get around the law.
  5. To circumvent the obligation and performance of a chore.
    How did you get around having to write the executive report?
    My brother always gets around cleaning his room himself.
  6. To transport oneself from place to place.
    How's he gonna get around without a car?
    Granny uses a wheelchair to get around.
  7. (slang) To be sexually promiscuous.
    Wow, she really gets around.


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