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A geteld, with one long side open, showing the π-shape of the wooden frame and the Ā-shape of the overall tent.


Borrowing of Old English geteld (tent).


geteld (plural getelds)

  1. (chiefly in the SCA) A tent, of a style historically used by the Anglo-Saxons, which resembles a shelter-half or pup tent.
    • 2000 July 8, Tanya Guptill, Suggestions For a Tent, in
      Many tents (rounds, getelds) can be put up by one person, if there is some planning done ahead of time about staking ropes, staking floor, ...
    • 2001 January 9, David Friedman, tent/pavilion question, in
      The geteld our kids use has stood up fine through two or three Pennsics. It requires substantially less wood than a Viking tent, and I think it's a good deal easier to build than a bell, although since I've never built a bell I could easily be wrong.
    • 2001 April 15, D. Peters, Nylon tent into Medieval pavilion?, in
      For the would-be tentmaker on a budget, a "pup-tent" style tent (rectangular sides, triangular ends--the Viking tent and the Saxon geteld are two examples of this style, although their frameworks are dissimilar) is the cheapest and easiest to make.
    • 2002 August 27, David Friedman, Help with geteld, in
      Dov and Thora, who camp next to us at Pennsic, have Getelds that look noticeably taller than ours. We don't waterproof our canvas--just use canvas ...





  1. past participle of tellen


This participle needs an inflection-table template.


Old English[edit]



geteld n

  1. tent, pavilion; awning