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A skirt with godets.
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From Middle French godet.


godet (plural godets)

  1. (obsolete) A drinking cup.
  2. (sewing) A piece of fabric inserted into a garment along a seam or cut to lengthen the free edge, and to make a garment roomier and to add a wavy edge.
    • 1975, The Vogue Sewing Book, page 240,
      A pie-shaped godet (the most common one), is usually cut with straight grain down the center of the piece of fabric, leaving bias edges on the sides.
    • 1993, Claire B. Shaeffer, Couture Sewing Techniques, page 51,
      Designs with godets, gussets, square or pointed yokes and shawl collars have seams with reverse corners, that is, an inward corner on one edge and an outward corner on the adjoining edge (as shown in the drawing on p. 52).
    • 2011, Carol Jean Fresia, Threads Sewing Guide, page 135,
      You can sew a godet into a slit cut perpendicular to a hem edge, but it's more common—and much easier—to insert it into a vertical panel seam, as shown here. Because godets are shaped pieces, often with a pronounced curve at the hem edge, they can be tricky to hem.
  3. (textiles) A roller for guiding synthetic filaments during drawing.
    • 1991, Textile Asia, Volume 22, Issues 1-6, page 54,
      Primary air entanglement is applied to give the yarn better cohesion and thus achieve a smoother, quieter thread path over the godets.
      After the yarn guiding block a heated godet with idler roll acts as a spinning godet and thus defines spinning [] .
    • 1997, V. B. Gupta, V. K. Kothari (editors), Manufactured Fibre Technology, page 80,
      In contrast to conventional spinning, wind-up in high speed spinning is often carried out without godets, as shown earlier in Fig. 4.2(a). The absence of godets reduces capital costs and makes thread string-up simpler.
    • 2004, Bhuvenesh C. Goswami, Rajesh D. Anandjiwala, David Hall, Textile Sizing, page 259,
      Drawing is accomplished between godets 3 and 4 by the different speeds of the two godet groups.

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godet n

  1. singular definite of gode



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godet m (plural godets)

  1. (Jersey) mug