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From Latin gressus (walked) +‎ -or +‎ -ial.


gressorial (comparative more gressorial, superlative most gressorial)

  1. (zoology) Adapted for walking, rather than being adapted for say, swimming, as in seals, or digging, as in moles; ambulatorial
    • 1872, Key to North American Birds[1]:
      [] the feet are gressorial, large and strong, fitted for the more or less terrestrial life which most of the species lead, walking on the ground with ease instead of hopping like most Fringillidae.
    • 1965, Entomological Revue[2], American Institute of Biological Sciences:
      [] the first pair of legs in Ixodids functions rather as antennae than as gressorial limbs. In the hungry tick it is a frequent occurrence for the first pair of legs to be raised up, thrust forwards towards approaching objects []


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