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From grief +‎ -er.



griefer (plural griefers)

  1. (online gaming) One who griefs: a player who plays a game primarily to reduce other players’ enjoyment of it.
    • 2007, Brian A. White, Second Life: A Guide to Your Virtual World, Que Publishing (→ISBN)
      First, be a tree; in other words, ignore the griefer. This approach can be very effective because most griefers want you to get pissed off, and if you don't, they may move on to more fertile targets.
    • 2011, Kristie Miller, Marlene Clark, Dating: Philosophy for Everyone, John Wiley & Sons (→ISBN)
      Julian Dibbell's description of griefer culture demonstrates a high degree of congruence with Huizinga's description of the spoilsport. The griefers have indeed “made a new community,” loosely organized on and the /b/ forum of
    • 2015, Winter Morgan, The Mystery of the Griefer's Mark: An Unofficial Gamer's Novel, Simon and Schuster (→ISBN)
      [] Maybe we can set up a trap for the griefer.” “That's an amazing idea!” said Kyra. “ What type of trap?” asked Steve. “We can create something very valuable that the griefer might want to steal or destroy and we can wait by it until the griefer arrives.


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