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grilled cheese (plural grilled cheeses)

  1. (Canada, US) A cheese sandwich typically toasted or fried in butter.
    • 1970 Time, Volume 96, Issues 1-9, Time Inc., p43
      Third, when you go to lunch today, instead of ordering a steak, ask for a grilled cheese.
    • 1973 September, Anne Crawford and Jack Keever, “John Connally Between the Acts”, in Texas Monthly, ISSN 0148-7736, Volume 1, Issue 8 (September, 1973), page 44:
      A man of impeccable class, he also buys ready-made suits on sale and would as soon have grilled cheese and iced tea as coq au vin.
    • a. 2000, C. Bard Cole, “Young Hemingways”, in Briefly told lives, Macmillan (2000), ↑ISBN, page 120:
      We sat out among the sidewalk tables, and I had a grilled cheese with bacon.
    • 2001, Terry Bisson, The Pickup Artist, Macmillan (2002), ↑ISBN, page 23:
      I passed on the healthy stuff and had a grilled cheese.
    • 2008 March 2, Danny Smith, “Play It Again”, Family Guy season 6 episode 10, 14:44–14:50:
      Stewie: Does anybody wanna buy my shirt? [pause] I'll trade you my shirt for a grilled cheese!
    • 2009 December, in Dwell, ISSN 1530-5309, Volume 10, Number 2 (December 2009/January 2010), page 28:
      He lunched on grilled cheese in Toronto and sashimi in Tokyo and had the chance to stick his finger in a true-to-life Dutch dike in Almere, Holland.