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Alternative forms[edit]


From guide +‎ -ance. Displaced native Old English lādtēowdōm.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡaɪdəns/
  • (file)


guidance (countable and uncountable, plural guidances)

  1. The act or process of guiding.
  2. Advice or counselling on some topic.
    divine guidance
    • 2013 June 29, Leo Montada, “Coping with Life Stress”, in Herman Steensma, Riël Vermunt, editors, Social Justice in Human Relations Volume 2: Societal and Psychological Consequences of Justice and Injustice[1], Springer Science & Business Media, →ISBN, page 26:
      The fourth model is called the enlightment model: Actors are seen to be responsible for problems but unable or unwilling to provide solutions. They are believed to need discipline provided by authoritative guidance. The Alcoholic Anonymous[sic] groups are considered prototypical for this model.
  3. Any process or system to control the path of a vehicle, missile etc.

Derived terms[edit]