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Alternative forms[edit]


From obsolete Dutch gijben (modern Dutch: gijpen).


gybe (third-person singular simple present gybes, present participle gybing, simple past and past participle gybed)

  1. (nautical) To change tack with the wind crossing behind the boat. (Mostly used of boats and other small sailing craft — the corresponding manoeuver in a sailing ship is to wear.)
  2. (nautical) To shift a fore-and-aft sail suddenly and forcefully from one side to the other, while sailing before the wind. (also jibe.)
  3. To sneer (see gibe.)
  4. gybe at: to hesitate, vacillate, or balk when faced with a proposal, plan, or course of action. (Obsolete)



gybe (plural gybes)

  1. The act of gybing.
  2. A sudden shift of a sail's angle, or a sudden change in the direction that a boat is sailing.
  3. A sudden change in direction or approach; vacillation.
  4. A sneer. (see gibe.)