hình dung

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Alternative forms[edit]


Sino-Vietnamese word from 形容.



hình dung

  1. to form an image or concept in one's head; to imagine, to figure, to picture, to reckon etc.


hình dung

  1. (archaic) outer appearance (of a person)
    Trông mặt mà bắt hình dong, con lợn có béo thì lòng mới ngon.
    A man can be judged by his appearance; chitterlings are only tasty when the pig is fat. (idiom)
    • Một chàng vừa trạc thanh xuân,
      Hình dung chải chuốt, áo khăn dịu dàng.
      The bard was a young man of blossoming age,
      With well-groomed appearance of refined attire.