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hands +‎ -y



handsy ‎(comparative handsier, superlative handsiest)

  1. (informal) prone to touching other people with one's hands, especially inappropriately
    • 1992, Phil Berger, "The Tyson Verdict: Tyson's Critics Stepping Forth", The New York Times, 12 February 1992:
      "Even back then, there were problems controlling him," said Atlas. "He was doing what he wanted to. He had problems dealing with rejection. If he liked a girl, he'd want to show her off or buy her perfume. And if the girl said no, he'd become very upset. That's normal, I guess. But later on, he'd get just a little bit pushy with women or handsy."
    • 1997, Joseph Wambaugh, Floaters, Random House (1997), ISBN 0553575953, page 187:
      But when his kind got drunk, they got handsy in order to compensate. He kept reaching under the table, where she was crammed into a booth with seven boozy sailors [...]
    • 2001, Lily Burana, Strip City: A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America, Hyperion (2001), ISBN 0786867906, page 82:
      Almost all the dances thereafter go like this, but the manager had warned me that some dances could be "handsy." "Handsy" is something of a euphemism. "Grope fiesta" would be more accurate [...]
    • 2005 March 1, Zach Braff and Heather Graham as J.D. and Molly Clock, “My Best Laid Plans”, Scrubs season 4 episode 19:
      J.D. (internal monologue): Okay J.D., you're a little drunk. And you know what happens when you get drunk. You get handsy. Now control yourself.
      Molly: It's tough making new friends in Milwaukee.
      J.D. (internal monologue): (feeling up own chest) I said control yourself!
    • 2008, Lisa Plumley, Home for the Holidays, Zebra Books (2008), ISBN 9780821780534, page 96:
      "Listen up." Nate nodded at Angela's root beer. "That's what you should drink on your date with Patrick the Prick. So you'll be alert if he gets all handsy with you."
      "He won't get handsy. We're just having coffee.
    • 2008, Phoebe Reilly, "Thick As Thieves", Spin, September 2008:
      A more pressing struggle is the one Crystal Castles have to contend with each night: feral fanboys who use Glass' aggressiveness as an excuse to get handsy. "They usually get a mic stand to the head," says Glass, with a shrug [...]
  2. (golf) moving the hands and wrists excessively when making a stroke or swing
    • 1991, Jaime Diaz, "Pavin Is Making a Strong Bid to Join Game's Elite", The New York Times, 26 May 1991:
      At a wiry 5 feet 9 inches and 140 pounds, with a handsy, almost ungainly swing, Pavin lacked the power and solid technique that have been the foundation of success for most of the game's elite players.