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Alternative forms[edit]


hard +‎ line


  • IPA(key): /ˈhɑː(ɹ)dlaɪn/
  • (file)


hardline (plural hardlines)

  1. (business) A retail product collection consisting primarily of hardware targeting the do-it-yourself customer.
    • 2002, John Cornell III, Hardlines FAQ (live original), Hardlines Digest:
      The Hardlines Digest is an Internet mailing list for members of the retail hardware and home center industry.
  2. (business) A retail product collection which includes many non-information goods, such as home appliances, housewares, and sporting goods, in addition to the DIY hardware which is the focus of the first definition, above.
  3. (telephony) A physical wire or cable connection; landline


hardline (not comparable)

  1. uncompromising; rigidly holding to a set of beliefs
    Smith's hardline approach to drugs gained him the support of many local citizens.
  2. (business) belonging to a hardline
    hardline product
    • 2010, Hardline Services by SGS (live page), SGS Group:
      Safety, product quality and performance are prerequisites for all hardline products such as toys, cosmetics, furniture, jewellery, DIY, etc.

Derived terms[edit]


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