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hermeneut (plural hermeneuts)

  1. (philosophy) A practitioner of hermeneutics: someone who interprets a text
    • 1857 May 25, Professor Lumsden, “Conversion of the Jews”, in Proceedings of the Scotland Free Church General Assembly, page 46:
      Moses, full of sacrificial institutes, is the text, Isaiah and all the prophets are the hermeneuts [] .
    • 1989, George H. Jensen, “Introduction”, in Post-Jungian Criticism, page 3:
      He was a hermeneut who worked out striking interpretations of texts.
    • 2008, Michael Vannoy Adams, “The Archetypal School”, in Cambridge Companion to Jung, page 114:
      In short, Hillman is not a hermeneut but an imagist, or phenomenologist, who sticks to the image, adheres to the phenomenon, and adamantly refuses to interpret it, or reduce it to a concept.