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hold-up (plural hold-ups)

  1. (colloquial) A delay or wait.
    Synonyms: cunctation, holdoff; see also Thesaurus:delay
    What is the hold-up?
  2. A robbery at gunpoint.
    Synonyms: armed robbery, stickup
    This is a hold-up! Give us all your money.
  3. (bridge) The holding back of a card that could win a trick in order to use it later.
    • 1974, Terence Reese, Master Play in Contract Bridge (page 75)
      This was another hand on which a holdup caused declarer to lose control and to go down in a sensational way: []
    • 2014, Nicolae Sfetcu, The Bridge Game
      In a holdup, a player delays taking a trick until opponents' entries are reduced.
  4. (in the plural) Women's stockings designed to be worn without suspenders.
  5. (military) The inventory of nuclear material within a separation plant.
    • 1978, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Intelligence and Military Application of Nuclear Energy Subcommittee, Hearings on H.R. 11036 (H.R. 11686) (page 361)
      And to the left is a portable gamma counter that tells us the holdup of plutonium recovery facilities.
    • 1989, Energy Research Abstracts (page 2046)
      During process operations and temporary shutdown, the holdup within the facility is also known as the in-process inventory.


  • French: hold-up


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hold up



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English hold-up



hold-up m (plural hold-up)

  1. hold-up (robbery)
    • 1968, Serge Gainsbourg (lyrics and music), “Hold Up”, in Initials B.B., performed by Serge Gainsbourg ft. Madeline Bell:
      Je suis venu pour te voler / Cent millions de baisers / [] / C'est un hold-up ! / Eh ouais, c'est un hold-up !
      I came to steal / a hundred million kisses from you / [] / This is a hold-up! / Oh yes, it's a hold-up!

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