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  1. present participle of horn


horning (countable and uncountable, plural hornings)

  1. The activity of blowing the horn of a train.
    • 2007 October 21, “A Great New Yark, if They Get It Done; Flying Everyone Home for the Holidays; Those L.I.R.R. Horns: We’ve Had Enough!; Exxon Mobil and Newtown Creek (4 Letters)”, in New York Times[1]:
      As of this past summer, residents on the Woodside, Forest Hills and Kew Gardens line have been subjected to the same kind of horning, even though our line has no grade crossings and therefore Federal Railroad Administration horn-sounding regulations do not apply.
  2. The appearance of the Moon when increasing, or in the form of a crescent.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of J. Gregory to this entry?)
  3. (law, Scotland) The issuing of letters of horning.

Derived terms[edit]