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hotshot (comparative more hotshot, superlative most hotshot)

  1. (informal) Highly skilled.
    He was a hotshot lawyer, with an astounding win-loss record.
  2. (informal) Displaying talent.
    Keep up those hotshot baskets, the scouts are sure to take notice.



hotshot (plural hotshots)

  1. (informal) Someone with exceptional skills in a certain field.
    She sure was a hotshot on the keyboard, 93 words per minute!
  2. A type of firefighter highly skilled in wildfire firefighting without external support, using basic tools that are backpacked in and manhandled about.
  3. (US, rail transport) A fast freight train.
    • 1959, "Steam's Finest Hour", edited by David P. Morgan, Kalmbach Publishing Co.
      Indeed, development proceeded so rapidly thereafter that Mopac, for instance, was rebuilding a series of 10-year-old Woodard 2-8-4's into 4-8-4's by 1940 - not because they couldn't steam but because their 63-inch drivers couldn't roll the hotshots fast enough.
  4. (slang) A dose of recreational drugs deliberately laced with poison.
    • 1997, Andi Rierden, The Farm: Life inside a women's prison (page 120)
      I sniffed glue, transmission fluid, gasoline, whatever drug anybody gave me, I took. [] [Y]ears ago, I was in a drug rehabilitation program and found out that my brother was killed after somebody gave him a hotshot, drugs laced with poison.

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hotshot (third-person singular simple present hotshots, present participle hotshotting, simple past and past participle hotshotted)

  1. (transitive, slang) To give (somebody) a dose of recreational drugs deliberately laced with poison.

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