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idiot +‎ -ist



idiotist (comparative more idiotist, superlative most idiotist)

  1. Intolerant of stupidity.
    • 1998 January 13, Stefan Andreasson, “No longer Betty "Cracker"”, in soc.culture.usa (Usenet):
      If you tell an idiot that he's as smart as a genius and the only reason the idiot is not as advanced in society as the genius is because the genius is "oppressing him" or being "idiotist, then we have a problem, don't you think?
    • 1998 September 4, Dog Game SuperStar, “Genetics for Sudhir (please read)”, in rec.pets.dogs.breeds (Usenet):
      And the comments I regularly make to you aren't because you're white, they're because you're an idiot. My comments are definitely Idiotist when it comes to you.
    • 1999 June 17, C.J. Watson, “Racial and Sexual Orientation Discrimination”, in alt.destroy.the.christian.coaltiion (Usenet):
      Or would that be characteristic of prejudiced and bigotry to point out what idiots are doing? Idiotist? I wouldn't want to "lump all idiots together" etc.etc.
    • 2015 July 17, Jon Ribbens, “Station bicycle cull Group”, in (Usenet):
      Well, no, quite the opposite - my argument is less "I'm not idiotist, some of my best friends are idiots" and closer to "yes, I am idiotist but I recognise that and therefore consciously compensate for it" ;-)
  2. (derogatory) Supporting policies and beliefs that are idiotic.
    • 2008, The Comics Journal - Issues 288-291, page 199:
      Within consciousness itself modernity has installed primall repellencies against culture, values, myth, reason, philosophy, every illuminative strategy for humans to escape the gravitational field of their own "natural" (now inculcated and cultured) idiotist delusionalities: That is what noetic abstractivism means, concretely, intuitively, gnosically.
    • 2008 October 19, flybd5, “What kind of economic plan would you rather have? "Socialist" or Idiotist?”, in va.politics (Usenet):
      McCain's "idiotist" plan, the one that... well... who knows what it will be, given that it changes about every three days or so, depending on whether the senile old coot's gambling itch hits him in the morning or not....
    • 2015 May 12, Oleg Smirnov, “a detail on Putin's discourse”, in sci.military.naval (Usenet):
      Your idiotist president babbled about 'isolation' and 'in tatters', in reality for most of people nothing has really changed in Russia due to the sanctions', - the main reasult of efforts of your idiotist politicians is that they greatly strengthened Putin approval rating.
    • 2016 July 22, Jonathan, “TRUMP TELLS PUTIN it's OK”, in sci.military.naval (Usenet):
      All this hysteria in the MSM is utterly idiotist.



idiotist (plural idiotists)

  1. One who is idiotist (either sense)
    • 1917, The Quest - Volume 8, Part 2, page 442:
      ...might not inappropriately be called idiotists, for they assuredly reveal their incapacity for cosmopolitan responsibility and the high duties of world citizens.
    • 1999 November 23,, “The Chris Rock Show - Who Watches It?”, in alt.showbiz.gossip (Usenet):
      I don't like idiots. You can say, I'm an "idiotist"
    • 2013 June 14, Mr Pounder, “Fed up with cold callers Group”, in (Usenet):
      I am not a racist, but I do admit to being an idiotist. I am really, really, prejudiced against stupid people.
    • 2016 September 5, jonathan, “Promised prosperity arrived in Russian-held Crimea”, in sci.military.naval (Usenet):
      And now the idiotist Jonthy naively believes he can oppose this with his pathetic Atlanticist propaganda shit.