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From French intolérant


intolerant (comparative more intolerant, superlative most intolerant)

  1. Unable or indisposed to tolerate, endure or bear.
    I am lactose-intolerant, so I can't drink milk.
    • 2013, Sarah Taylor, Vegetarian to Vegan: Give Up Dairy, Give Up Eggs for Good
      When our bodies no longer create the enzyme needed to break down lactose, we can become intolerant to it.
    • 1892, Harry Marshall Ward, The Oak: A Popular Introduction to Forest-botany
      The oak, as is well known, is a slow-growing, dicotyledonous tree of peculiar spreading habit, and very intolerant of shade.
    • 1751, John Arbuthnot, An Essay Concerning the Effects of Air on Human Bodies
      The powers of human bodies being limited and intolerant of excesses.
  2. Not tolerant; close-minded about new or different ideas; indisposed to tolerate contrary opinions or beliefs; impatient of dissent or opposition; denying or refusing the right of private opinion or choice in others; inclined to persecute or suppress dissent.

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intolerant (plural intolerants)

  1. One who is intolerant; a bigot.
    • 1856, John David Chambers, Strictures, legal and historical, on the judgment of the Consistory Court of London, in December, 1855, in the Case of Westerton Versus Liddell
      [] a portion of the prejudice which darkened the spirits of these intolerants, might perhaps have cast its shadow over him.




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  • Rhymes: -ant


intolerant (comparative intoleranter, superlative am intolerantesten)

  1. intolerant


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