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in terms of

  1. (mathematics) [of one variable or unit of measurement x which has a known relationship to another y] Using equivalent expressions in y in place of expressions in x; mapping x to y.
    If x=2y then 5x can be expressed in terms of y as 10y.
  2. (by extension) in relation to a particular aspect; with respect to; as regards; concerning; regarding.
    I switched to a different bank for better customer service, but there was little difference in terms of interest rates.
    She has no idea how she wants the house to look in terms of décor.
    • 2021 February 9, Christina Newland, “Is Tom Hanks part of a dying breed of genuine movie stars?”, in BBC[1]:
      The fact is, "dad" is a designation you could assign – at least in terms of age – to many of Hollywood's biggest male actors.

Usage notes[edit]

The second sense is deprecated by some as showing ignorance of the connection with the first sense, but the usage is well-established and is generally accepted as idiom.

In terms of differs from regarding in that the former usually refers to a particular aspect of a certain topic, whilst the latter is usually used to introduce a new topic.