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iron-handed (comparative more iron-handed, superlative most iron-handed)

  1. Alternative form of ironhanded
    • 2010, Michael Bernhard & ‎Henryk Szlajfer, From the Polish Underground: Selections from Krytyka, 1978-1993, →ISBN, page 89:
      Here I am not primarily concerned with the long-term effects of such separation, about which the advocates of iron-handed rule in Poland have always written with great glee.
    • 2013, Harry Turtledove, The Sceptre's Return, →ISBN:
      I couldn't believe that iron-handed old tyrant would have a son waho cared for nothing but praying.
    • 2014, Eugene V. Gallagher, Reading and Writing Scripture in New Religious Movements, →ISBN, page 69:
      Celebration of the strong, powerful, bold, victorious, and iron-handed is presented as much more in tune with human nature, just as praise for the weak, feeble, humble, vanquished, and poor in spirit results from a foolish ignorance of true human desires.