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isolato (plural isolatos)

  1. An isolated person; a hermit or outsider.
    • 1999, Laurie Lanzen Harris, Nineteenth-century Literature Criticism (volume 82, page 335)
      At the same time, Woolson clearly portrays the danger Fog courted by remaining isolated in his castle, for if no stranger had ever come for Silver, when Fog died of old age she would have starved to death. In this paradox of strength and naiveté inevitably forced to face death or return to society, Woolson admits that to remain an isolato on an island is to refuse to acknowledge reality.
    • 2009, Henry Weinfield, The Music of Thought in the Poetry of George Oppen and William Bronk
      Moreover, whereas Oppen was often at the center of literary activity, Bronk was something of an isolato — not quite in the mold of a Dickinson, but not so very far from it either. He had no interest in "poetics" or in literary politics and only the most tangential relations to any school or circle of poets.




isolato (feminine singular isolata, masculine plural isolati, feminine plural isolate)

  1. isolated, secluded, cut off
  2. remote, lonely
  3. insulated


Related terms[edit]


isolato m (plural isolati)

  1. block (distance from one street to another)


isolato m

  1. past participle of isolare